1. Gerald R

    Just a short note of thanks. Everything arrived healthy and are acclimating well. The packing was top notch and professional. And the additional extras were a nice surprise. Thanks again. Peace…

  2. John S

    Just a note to let you know that the corals all arrived safe and sound. As a matter of fact the zoas were ALL open in their shipping bags, stayed open during acclamation and while putting them in their new spots. The Ricordea colors just pop. You would not believe some of the ugly ducklings I’ve bought in the past due to trick photography. I appreciate your correct photos and descriptions. Needless to say I’m pleased and look forward to my next purchase.

  3. Carol T

    I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my latest order! The red corallimorph is insane… love it! Thank you for the quick shipping and the extras. I’ll buy again soon and recommend you to all my friends.

  4. Chau H

    I got the new R. florida yesterday and they look great. Thank you for the wonderful shipment and I must praise you for your not using Styrofoam. I got the package a little after 9am, but I have to work late and didn’t get home until 10pm. Regardless, the water remained warm and the corals healthy.

  5. Jim M

    Got everything secured and they’ve opened up. This is my first on-line order. I am very satisfied; the color of the pics on-line were just what I received. I love introducing new creatures in the tank and letting my daughter discover it… that barnacle will be a big surprise one day! Thanks again.

  6. Tom J

    Just wanted to express my thanks for a great transaction AND the extra Ricordea! All arrived well and are sitting happily in their new home. Again, thanks for the great service and corals!

  7. Aaron B

    Once again my order arrived perfectly. You guys are awesome, and so is my ric garden thanks to you.

  8. Ernie C

    Thanks for the incredible shipment. Many of the polyps were open before even hitting my tank. You certainly have been generous and exceeded my expectations. I appreciate you.

  9. Carol B

    Just want to say your items are just as pictured. The coral colors are awesome under any light. Such a nice thing to find with so many other sellers playing with photo color to get better prices. A+++ to you.

  10. Brian G

    Everything arrived today as planned. Great job on the packaging and thanks a bunch for that bonus frag! They are all opening up as they are being acclimated and the colors are amazing, so I am very impressed. Thanks again! I look forward to buying from you again in the future.

  11. Brad W

    The Ricordea arrived safe and sound and are currently being acclimated. Even with the lights off I can tell they are going to be fantastic. Really looking forward to seeing them adapt and grow. Thanks again and BIG thanks for the bonus polyp too!

  12. Kevin E

    Just wanted to say that I’m extremely 100% pleased with the zoanthids I received. They opened up to full polyp extension within minutes of being put in my tank after drip acclimating. I love the zoas I got, and definitely be expecting more orders from me in the near future. You guys rock!

  13. Brian T

    From start to finish I couldn’t be happier with my experiences.

    Within minutes of FedEx missing delivery Colin called my cell phone to investigate. After redirecting the driver back to my place I couldn’t believe how good the Ricordea and Corallimorphs already looked. After drip acclimating my new piece found there new homes and look as amazing as they did in the pictures!

    Can’t wait for all the pieces to come in my future from Aquascapers, you have a buyer for life!

  14. Danny R

    Just received my first order from Aquascapers. Beautiful pieces, just like the pictures, or better. Great prices, great service, what more could you ask for? Very impressed and happy. Can’t wait to see more stonies and maybe LPS available here.

  15. Thanks for some great ricordea! The monti and xenia opened right up too. I’ll definitely recommend you to others, and I look forward to my next order from Aquascapers. I wish you well – you have a well run company. Thanks again, Jake.

  16. Jorge M

    AMAZING!!!!! I am truly amazed at how professional this company is being managed. I’m extremly pleased with how they have treated me as a customer, not only are their corals BEAUTIFUL but the fact that they gave me some extra ricordea (free) shows me that they are truly dedicated to pleasing their customers and have strived for great customer service. A company like this will surely go a long way. I wish you all the best and will continue to keep buying from you. Colin thank you, you’re awesome man, continue the good work, I know your hard work and reasearch will take you to the top. Thanks again, Jorge.

  17. Brian C

    Delivery arrived as requested. Order packed extremely well. Zoas began opening just minutes after being put in the aquarium. Will definitely order again.

  18. Jason B

    Best packaging I have seen to date. All of the ricordea are exactly as pictured and are already opening in the tank less than 24 hours after acclimating. Highly recommended to all – second order is on it’s way!

  19. Phillip B

    Excellent ricordea, anemone and zoa. Couldn’t be happier and will definitely order again.

  20. Dustin T

    I got the vice zoa pack from you about 4 months ago and they are growing like crazy. It was a great addition to my new tank and some of my favorites. Great job guys, keep it up…

  21. Yu-Chen T

    All animals arrive safe and healthy. They look just like the picture. Thank you so much for careful packing and contacting me for shipping details. I am a very happy first-time customer. Certainly will return for more exciting Ricordea and Zoa!

  22. Drew M

    You guys rock! Order was on time and Corals were in tip top shape! Would buy from you again! Very high quality specimens, probably the best I’ve gotten over the Internet, for a great price! Thanks again I will definitely be a repeat costumer and tell my other friends about you!

  23. Mark C

    This was the first time I purchased coral from anywhere other than my LFS and I couldn’t be more pleased. The communication was excellent. The packaging was secure. After several days of rest, I set my new ricordia and they look great. The pricing was very fair. I will be a repeat customer. Thanks!

  24. Mark R

    Great packaging, shipped as requested, tracking provided. Gorgonian and Ricordea arrived in great shape – the Ricordea were all open when I opened the shipping box! Awesome service and coral – thanks!

  25. Joe F

    I am VERY happy with my order. After reading your article in Coral magazine, I had to order a few gorgs from you guys. They arrived in great condition, happy enough to have their polyps out in the shipping bags! Great idea on the sustainable harvest of your gorgonians.

  26. Rich V

    Just a little note here to let you know how happy this order made me – WYSIWYG and that is the truth. In addition there was a little extra thrown in – want to thank Colin and Jared as you guys do it right. I will order again…

  27. Carlo F

    Just wanted to say my experience was absolutely perfect, shipping and communication was excellent and even got an extra mushroom at no charge. Will be ordering from you again, thanks Colin.

  28. Carl M

    Awesome, the best frags I ever got and I’ve ordered from 30 to 36 other sites and never received such awesome frags, and I can tell that you sell no frag before it starts to grow so hats off to you. Packing was so good and got a free frag, thanks for being stand up people, can’t wait to make another order!

  29. Cindy F

    Very Pleased! I received my first order from Aquascapers and am extremely happy. Transaction was very quick and corals arrived in excellent condition. Communication, packaging and shipment were excellent. I definitely will be ordering again and would highly recommend Aquascapers. I appreciated the surprise bonus. Corals were exactly as pictured. Thank you very much, Cindy

  30. Jessica E

    I received my order yesterday and my rock anemones are very happy in their new home. The packing was VERY well done so my nems arrived in great shape. I am not one to order online because I do have a good LFS close to me but once I find more room in my tank I will definitely be ordering again because your stock is great and your customer service is wonderful! Thank you very much!!!

  31. Troy

    Iv ordered from these guys 4 times and I’m still ordering VERY NICE corals THANK YOU

  32. Kim M

    My order of 4 items came in the timely manner expected, but the surprise of a 5th “gift” was delightful. All acclimated nicely, open, and thriving. Thanks so much! I will definitely be ordering again. Great service!

  33. Paul

    Package arrived in perfect condition and was excellently wrapped! Also very impressed by the quality of the live rocks! A great company!

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