Aquascapers is a marine biologist-owned company dedicated to serving U.S. aquarists with the highest-quality cultured corals. We are headquartered in a 3,000 square foot state-certified aquaculture facility in downtown Miami, Florida. 

Aquascapers encourages a holistic approach to reef-keeping. We believe that modern reef aquarists should be measured by their ability to craft biologically-stable aquascapes and biotopes… not on the depth of their pockets to buy over-hyped coral fragments. We encourage aquarists to utilize soft corals, macroalgae, and gorgonians for unique, hardy, and affordable aquascaping opportunities.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to make the online coral-buying experience as seamless and rewarding as possible for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And if you encounter any problems, please reach out to us as soon as possible. We are interested in developing a long-term relationship with you!

Conservation of Biodiversity through Aquaculture

Through asexual reproduction of corals, Aquascapers encourages and facilitates the distribution of these animals to researchers, private aquarists, and public aquariums. We believe that it is imperative to diversify the number of aquacultured and maricultured coral species available in the aquarium trade, as this is the only alternative to bring about a decrease in the collection pressure on wild populations. This is a task that all dedicated reef aquarists can collectively help to contribute.

As marine biologists, we put the conservation of biodiversity first and foremost. Working in conjunction with the marine biologists of Coral Biome in Marseilles, France, we seek to create an exchange of information between marine life collectors, aquarists, and scientists to increase our understanding of captive coral biology. Together, we have a long-term goal to develop a living genetic database of corallimorph and zoanthid species from Caribbean and Indo-Pacific reefs.


All of our specimens are collected and farmed in a legal and environmentally ethical manner.

The aim of this program is to improve our scientific understanding of these under-studied organisms, while also improving our understanding of their biology, aquaculture, and care in aquaria.


Aquascapers encourages all aquarists and those interested in coral reef conservation to support the following non-profit initiatives:



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